Thursday, February 14, 2013

Letter 2/14/13 (Week 4)

Dear family
It's P-day today and I am really bored because there is nothing to do here other then sit in our rooms but I am good with that. 'll take any little break I can get. I hope everything is good at home and your all enjoying yourselves. Let me know about the snow and snowmobiling.Also who pays for the warehouse and did anyone get hurt when it happened. Just wondering I feel like I am not ever part of the world anymore. The only thing that I get from the world is two comic strips and the weather that Grandma Gwen sends me each week. Mom I expect the house to be completely cleaned out when I get back and keep Brenan out of my stuff. Here at the MTC it's the same old, same old. We teach two investigators and they are just our teachers acting like people so it's nothing to crazy. We have one committed to baptism and the other isn't so accepting, but she is getting better. Our schedule doesn't change until the sixth week here and then we have an in field orientation that is 9 hours long. I have heard it's good and bad from different people. I am sure my letters will be better once I get to the field and things are different. Tomorrow we are getting 24 new Elders in our zone. It's crazy this place is like a zoo. By summer there will be 8000 missionaries here and I feel like there is no room right now so I am glad I won't be here when that happens. Thanks for being on when I emailed today. I like that even though it's only for a short time. I think I am good on stuff for now. I don't need to have anything specific sent in but if I do I'll write ya next week. The devotional on Sunday was really good it made me excited about my mission and to have the opportunity to help people achieve their true happiness. I am glad you like your temple job. We go to the temple at 6:30 on Tuesdays so we have to wake up early. It's so worth it. I am hoping to see an apostle but I don't know if I will. I told you about those kids I met they said everyone knows English so I don't know how fast I'll learn tagalog. I wish I knew it already that would be so nice. Well thank you for the package and the letters. I you have anymore questions let me know. Thanks again love you all.
Elder (Ingat) Robison

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