Monday, July 1, 2013

June 17, 2013

Family, Hey how is everyone doing? It's right in the middle of summer time back home. I am sure your all really busy, but that is alright. So let me know how your trip to Martins cove was and tell me about the hard things and some of the cool things that happened. I bet it was a cool experience to have. Once you all get home I think you said everyone will probably head up to the cabin for the 4th of July. That's always a fun week in Island Park. Ha I am sure you will have lots of visitors that stop by. That will be fun you can play volleyball with the Jacobs and everything. Ha hopefully the fireworks show is a little better this year. Well just a little bit of what Has been going on here. On Tuesday it was just a normal day. It rained a little bit. Then on Wednesday we went on splits. I went with Elder Coe but we stayed in our area so we taught the same people that we always do. I wish we could get Dan to want to change. He won't come to church and we can't make any progress on his smoking. Something is holding him back and I don't know what it is but I would like to see him get baptized but I don't think I will get to. I bet I get transferred on July 3rd because I have been in this area the longest. Hopefully my next area has a post office or I will only be able to mail a letter every two weeks so hopefully it does. Anyways on Thursday it was just a regular day. On Friday we worked with the couple missionaries Elder and sister Jensen. We tried to help a lady get a family history thigng set up. That will be cool for her to have done and she is preparing for the temple so that's kind of the goal for Sister Hou. On Saturday we had our District Priesthood meeting and then we had FHE at Sister Fina's house. She taught us how to cook another Filipino dish. It was pretty good but really spicy. It was fun we ate dinner and shared a quick lesson and then played games with the. On Sunday we just have church nothing special planned. So that's how our week has went. The rainy season is just starting. It hasn't rained to hard out here but it flooded in Manilla. Three feet of water so it's starting. It rained like 3 days this last wee. Next month is supposed to be the worst month. They claim it rains everyday for a month so that will be fun. Well let me know how everyone is and what you have all been up to. Thanks for all of the support and love you all give me. Love you all. Love Elder Robison

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