Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A post on facebook from Daniel in the Philippines

''that feeling you've been attach to them,then the time came you will never see them again'';-(i miss robison and gillete.this message is for them..thanks for everything sad that you're all guys made me realize something..i dont know if i have to continue what we started but i am thankful that i met you guys.months maybe not a long time to be with you guys and that time was one of the great chapter of my life.though i'm not a church member yet but it feels me that i found one piece of thing which can be completed my life.i know god brought you here for some purpose and thi is part of his plan.hoping that i always have a strenght to overcome all the trials.i am so happy that somewhere in my life you elders are been of it.thank you so much.i will miss you guys.farewell elders!

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