Friday, July 19, 2013

Letter 7/8/13

Family, hey everyone how are things going? It's probably been really nice back home. Hopefully your all enjoying the cabin and the Sutton family reunion. Your all pretty busy with the wedding I am sure so that's good. I am sure it will all be good and turn out really good. I am sure I will receive some pictures of everything that's been going on. That will be fun to see. It's been weird to miss everything and not be apart of anything. So much will have changed. Lots of people will be married and babies running around. I will have missed so much but I guess that is just part of the life of serving a mission. Well let me know how everything is going back home. As for me I am now in the Taguig Zone. It's the city but not he big part of the city. There are lots of people everywhere. I am still lost in the area. It's confusing to get around. My Companion is Elder Millora. We are white washing the area. Both Elders that were here have been transferred so we both are new to the area. My comp served here like a year ago so he knows how to get around at least but we still don't know everyone. The ward just split here too so now there are two wards. This is the first week with the new ward so hopefully all is well. I will have to introduce myself in sacrament meeting. It will be alright. It's crazy I am into my second area. I feel like Heavenly Father has helped us out so much here. We have been in the area for 4 days and we have found 4 really good new investigators. So for a white wash it's been going really good. Two of the four want to come to church today so we are going to go pick them up and take them with us. I hope they really enjoy church and continue to want to learn more. I don't know about the area yet but I am sure it will be good. I hope we have some good members in the ward. I met the Bishop he seems like a cool dude. Ha from looking at him you might think he does drugs but he is a really nice guy. They say he is really good to the missionaries. We have dinner at his house later today after church. We will try to get to know him better. This area definitely has a lot more in it then my last area. There is a McDonalds in it so that nice other than I am probably going to gain all my weight back. I spend a lot more money here. We have an actual grocery store, actually two of them so that alone is a lot nicer. We seem to have more people to teach. The 1st counselor in the Bishopric is a pretty rich guy. He has actual couches in his house. They felt amazing to sit in. They're the first couches I have sat in since I left home. I think the people here have little more money so they have nicer things and houses so that's a change. We have a nasty river in our area the water if black it is so dirty and it stinks like crazy. Hopefully this will be a good area. We have zone interviews on the 10th so I will get to meet the new President. Everyone said that he is way cool so it should be good. I live with a kid from Utah Elder Fisher and another Filipingo Elder Madalye. They are alright. Fisher is a funny dude. Hopefully all goes good. Keep me updated on things back home. I know a lot has been going on so your all busy. Thanks for everything you all do. Love you all. Thanks Love Elder Robison

Shaylee Jacobs who is in the Dominican Republic MTC sent this in her email. They just got a new missionary sister from the Philippines

She spent the day with us because her companions didn't come until late last night. She is the tiniest little lady and so quiet but it was great to get to know her! Guess what... She knows Kaden! Shes from the same city. She said she doesn't know him well but she met him once in the temple she said he speaks very good tagalog. It was so fun to know she knew him though! She speaks English but not a ton and she is super nervous about learning Spanish and here is the biggest kicker, shes 37 years old!! Until now I didn't know sisters could serve until they were 40! Shes super sweet though and will do well. That'd be so hard to be on a mission at that age. She was baptized as a 26 year old. Its remarkable some of the stories of the missionaries here.

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