Sunday, July 7, 2013

June 24, 2013 letter

Family hey how is everything going at home. It should be pretty warm and probably pretty busy. I think you will get this letter around the 4th of July. So you will probably be up at Island Park enjoying the week. Hopefully the fireworks are better this year then last years. If they will even do it. Ha it will be weird to not celebrate it. Here the 4th is just another day. Their Independence day was on June 12th and they don't do anything really. People just don't have to work. But the 4th was one of my favorite weeks so I will really miss it this year. Well hopefully you all have fun. Make sure and tell Matt Happy Birthday. Ha and make sure and go with the Jacobs like last year. Well a little bit about my last week. On Tuesday it was just a regular work day but it rained all day and the town flooded so we were in water up to our ankles not to bad yet but the water is disgusting. It's black and gross. So that was a first. July is the worst time for the rain. Then on Wednesday we had a zone conference. It was good. We just did a lot of workshops and then they fed us a catered meal. It was alright no the best but it was free. Then we had a little goodbye meeting for president and our zone sang a song or a special musical number. We didn't sound good because we had only practiced twice so it sounded pretty bad. Then President and his family bore their testimonies. I am excited to meet the new President and see how things change. Thursday just normal but it rained again and on Friday it rained. Well sorry for another short letter but not a lot happened this week just a lot of rain we did find two new investigators so h9opefully they will got somewhere and want to change their lives. I am still really struggling with the language. I don't know why but it just doesn't click in my head. I can understand a little but trying to speak and put sentences together is really hard and when I do people don't get what I am saying. I haven't found an effective way to learn it yet so I just keep struggling. I wish I could speak so I can at least be an effective missionary and actually help people. I really would like to help these people but I feel like I can't unless I know the language. Hopefully soon. Well thanks for everything tell everyone hi for me and have fun at the cabin. I love you all thanks for the support. Love Elder Robison

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