Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Letter 7/15/13

Family, hey how is everyone doing? Your probably all enjoying your nice summer. Farming has slowed way down probably. Ha I am sure your all enjoying the cabin as much as you can or you might all just be busy getting ready for the big day. By the time this letter gets there Brenan and Alli will be married so that's pretty crazy. it didn't take long. Tell them congrats for me and that their wedding gift is all my clothes Brenan has took. Every picture I see I can tell he has been in my closet a lot more then his own. That can be his gift. Other than that you summer seems to be flying by and it will be harvest time before you know it. Mom send pictures of the farm. Sounds like your Martin's Cove trip was good and that you had a few problems. I have learned since I have been here that things will work out so don't stress to much. As for the Philippines things are good. The new area seems to be doing alright. We get fed a lot more here. The members are always wanting to feed us. That's one good thing. As for my whole week nothing to crazy went on. We have been teaching a lot of people. So we will see if they come to church like they say they will. People will tell you anything but they don't always do what they say. We found an investigator named Bong. He came to church last week. he is progressing really well. He has lots of weird questions though that really don't matter but they really matter to him so it's alright. There are a few others that we have contacted so we will see what happens today at church. The best part of the week was Saturday. We got to go to the temple for one of Elder Millora's converts that was being sealed together. We went through an endowment session which was good because I haven't been able to go. Then after we went to the sealing. The spirit was so strong there and just a happy moment to see two people sealed to their family. They were so happy. Even though I didn't know them it made me happy for them. It made me so grateful that we as members of the church have the opportunity to be sealed and live with our families forever. You could feel the presence of the Lord there in the room with us all. I am grateful that I will be able to have that opportunity one day when I get back. It truly is a blessing to all of us from our Heavenly Father and I believe that nothing makes him happier then when two of his children are sealed for eternity. That was a great part of my week. I am very grateful for the temple and am blessed to have one in my mission that we can attend and back home we are blessed to have two temples so close and we need to take advantage of that opportunity. There are many people here that are a good 10 hours from a temple or just can't get to one. We are truly blessed. So that was a great part of my week. Other than that nothing to crazy has happened. Try and keep me updated on how things are going and how the farm is. Thanks for everything you do and for all the support. It means a lot. Love you all Love Elder Robison
The nasty river in our area, it smells terrible

the boat we take across the river

The jungle

Ward family home evening

The sealing

The Kabahay or roommates

Elder Fisher being crazy in the street

The deer in the Philippines

The city

Using the pay phone

flooding in our area

Brother Natividad cooking us some food

Elder Medalya not feeling so good

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