Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November 10, 2013

Family hey everyone what is going on. I hope you are all doing well. Have some fun for Thanksgiving. Let me know if you get to ride snowmobiles or not and how much snow there is in Island Park. I'll sure be thinking of you all. I don't think we get to do anything its just a regular day for us as far as I know. It's a good time to just slow down and give thanks for the many things we have been blessed with and for our families. We are all truly lucky the people that got hit by the storm still don't have enough food. The missionaries have been moved to Manilla. they have nothing no clothes, no beds so we have been asked to donate if we have extra and what not. So have fun let me know how everything is. I heard there will be another baby when I get home. Thats crazy, but congratulations. Three new ones it will be a full house that's for sure. If you all don't slow things down there might be a 4th on the way. That should be fun though. Well we had a pretty good week. It started off so slow but has finished so good. Monday was just p-day. There is nothing to do in our area so we always just end up hanging out. Later that night the Budua family had us over for dinner. Tuesday ha what a day we went out and only taught 1 lesson. Nobody was home. It was so hot. We couldn't find anyone to teach. Sister Darcel was our only lesson. Sure enough Wednesday was just the same one lesson and really hot. No one home. We did some tracting got close to getting in but nope. They said they are all busy. The one lesson to the Romano family was an okay lesson they don't seem way excited about the church. Thursday finally a good day. We taught 5 lessons. We met 2 new less actives that promised they would go to church. We taught Darcel and Leni. Her daughter Cristian told us that she wants to be baptized so December 14 is her goal. She seems super excited about it so it should be good. We taught Brother Natividad. A first he didn't want to but I made him. Once we got started he got really serious and I know he wants to change. We taught repentance and you could see it hit him. He knows there is a problem. He wants to change so after that he fed us dinner. Friday alright day a few lessons. We taught Sister Almoite. She has a special kid and the Bishop told her he should be baptized so we went and explained to her that he don't need to and what not. She was so happy we came. She broke down and cried a few times but she was so happy. Saturday we had a really good day. We taught Sister Jamelamo and the spirit was so strong. it always is with her. She got an answer that this is the true church. Her goal is December 14 as well. She had tears in her eyes and a big smile on her face at the end. Then we went to Darcel and she also received an answer so her goal is on December 14th. We then taught Cristian again. so we got 3 people with baptism dates this week. It was a good week. The Lord truly has blessed us this week. I hope everything goes good as planned. Sunday went really good. Everyone we are working with showed up to church. It was a good day. Later we had a dinner then came home so that was my week. It was really good a lot happened and lots of good goals set. I am excited to see it all turn out so it's been good. Well I hope you all are doing well. I am doing good so have a good Thanksgiving. Thanks for everything. Love Elder Robison

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