Tuesday, December 3, 2013

October 27, 2013

Family hey how are you all doing. Things hopefully have slowed down for you all. Hopefully it will start to snow soon so it cvan be a good winter. Ha if it even snowed like an inch here I would be happy but everone here would die. I have yet to see a heater here nor do I think I ever will. The temperature has cooled down a little I think not a ton though. We are just about to finish another transfer just one more week. I'll find out who my new comp is next week. Hopefully it will be good. I am coming up on my year mark here soon. Just two months and I'll be there. I'll be able to burn one of my nasty white shirts that aren't' very white anymore. Oh and sorry if you haven't been receiving my letters I guess there has been a problem with the mail here and in the mission office so you might not have received all of my letters. Well I'll tell you about my week start with Monday. It wasn't P-day as you figured out. Elder Latu and I went on splits because he is getting tired of his companion and just kind of needed a break from him so we went on splits. We taught a few lessons then later that night the Elisan family had us over for FHE. They are such a close family that all love the gospel so much. Tuesday still not p-day but everyone was really wanting one. It made that day so long but we did have zone meeting over in Pasig so it helped split up some time and make it go faster. Wednesday it was finally p-day we woke up early and headed to the temple. We caught the first session and I finally got to see the new video. I truly love going to the temple. There isn't a better place to just go sit and think. Everyone needs to do that to receive some answers to questions. After the temple we went to the mall it took forever and I never buy anything when we go so we just walk around and look at stuff. We didn't get out of there until like 3:30 then we had an hour long ride back to our area. I didn't get to email you all. Except mom you were up really early and I surprisingly caught you for just a little bit so that was nice. I didn't think I would. Thursday good work day We went and taught sis Leni. she thinks she gets it all but she doesn't yet if she did she would of come to church. We taught Diane one last time before her baptism. We taught a less active member as well. We ate dinner at the Natividad family. Friday um we did some weekly planning which takes forever. Then went and taught this lady we met a few weeks ago. She thinks that religion is all the same and that its all for money. We had a long discussion with her and just asked her to pray about Joseph Smith. We then had a dinner appointment that was a long ways away so we went there and ate dinner. Saturday we had a big day. Every companionship in our zone except one had a baptism planned so we joined it all together and had a zone baptism. It turned out really good and Diane was really happy but super nervous to bare her testimony. It was a great day for the zone. Sunday Diane became an official member of the church. Her baptism is complete and she is a new member. She is really excited about it so we finished the week off right. That was my week. So well I hope I didn't bore you with the letter but have a great week. Love you all thanks for all you do for me. I know the church is true and miracles do happen depending on your faith. Love ya'll thanks love Elder Robison

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