Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November 4-10, 2013

Family, hey how is everyone. Hope your all doing really good. Just to let you all know the storm didn't really affect where I am at. It just rained a little and the wind blew. I guess where the storm actually hit was pretty bad but I am good no problems. We have just been busy working. It's almost Thanksgiving. I'll miss that. They don't do that here. I wish they did I love Thanksgiving. I have heard your getting some snow back home. I'm a little jealous but that's okay. I expect to get some snowmobile pictures of something soon. Our weeks are finally back to normal again no holidays and my comp isn't going home soon so just back to normal. It will be nice. As you all probably know I got my new companion. He is from Fruitland Idaho. He is a cool kid. He is new this is only his second transfer. He is already really good at the language so that makes it easier to train him. I kinda enjoy being the one to lead the lessons every time I really like it. I feel like we can have a lot of success this transfer. We have had 3 investigators accept baptism dates if they pray and know its true. Since it is true I know that they will receive their answers. I am excited for them. On Monday I got to work with Elder Houston. He is new as well and we both didn't have comps so we were together. We went out and taught. He is a little shy but he did alright. Tuesday was my p-day. I only got to email for 1 hour because Elder Latu and I had to figure out what to do with people for transfers so kind of a busy p-day. Wednesday was transfer day so we went to the chapel to wait for everyone which always takes up like the whole day for it to be over. We got home around 4 let them unpack their stuff. Then we went grocery shopping to get food for everyone. Then ate some dinner. After that Elder Starr and I went by the chapel to introduce him to Bishop and some members. That was Wednesday. Thursday was our first day of work together. It went good we taught Darcel and sis Janelano. They are doing good. My companion is really good at Tagalog so it helps we just finish up the day and went and ate dinner. Friday well it was rainy and windy because of the typhoon. We only taught 1 lesson because we were told to go home early so that what we did. Saturday we had a good full day we got anew investigator and found a new less active. We then taught Sis Janelano she is doing good. The spirit was so strong she teared up at the end when I asked her to pray if the church was true or not. We taught sister Leni she just went on about her problems. We couldn't ever really teach so it was hard. She can cause a headache sometimes. The Natividad family fed us. Sunday Sis Leni and her daughter came to church and Sis Janelano they all came today and 8 less actives came as well. I had to teach the class in church just off the top of my head. I wasn't prepared at all but it went alright. Then we went and had dinner with the members so that was my week. It's been busy but good. I know the church is true. Hope you all have a great week. Thanks for everything ya'll do. Have a great week. Love Elder Robison

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