Tuesday, December 3, 2013

October 28-November 3, 2013

Family, hey how is everything going? I hope everything is going really good and your enjoying a little snow. I got a picture in an email of the snow in Island Park. Ha made me a little jealous but that is alright there are plenty more winters to come. As of right now I am here to serve the Lord and help the people here gain a relationship with our Heavenly Father. I really love it here and I love the people that I get to work with. They are all so happy to have us all the time. I will be getting anew companion. His name is Elder Starr and he is from Idaho. Ha has only been here for 6 weeks so I will finish up training him. I also found out that I will be a District leader this transfer. So some big changes and a lot more responsibility put on my shoulders. It's alright though it will make me have to step up. I am excited about this new transfer. I will miss my last comp but its all good. he is done with his mission now. It has been a Holiday here so teaching this week has been a little rough. It's All Saints Day so everyone goes to the cemetery and just hangs out all week. Its kind of like Memorial Day but it lasts longer. On Monday we went back to Elder Scanlans old areas so he could see them before he left. It was good he has a lot of close people that he knows and they are all very nice people. Tuesday was alright we went and taught Sister Monica she is okay not sure how interested she is. She thinks all religions are still the same. Later that night we went and told Diane goodbye because she left back to her province. her sister replaced her here so now we are teaching her so it worked out good. Wednesday we had a slow day. The whole week has been that way though. We just tried to visit some people but they are busy getting ready for the weekend. Thursday same deal but Natividad family invited us to a little party of theirs to eat so we did that on Thursday night. Friday and Saturday was the actual holiday the streets were packed and traffic was really bad. No teaching because no one was home. Sunday just church not a ton showed up to church. Just a slow week to sum it up but next week will be good. I am excited to meet my new comp and get to know him. Things will be good. Thanks for everything all the support. Love you all. Have a great week. Sorry the letter is short. Love Elder Robison

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