Tuesday, December 3, 2013

October 20, 2013

Family, hey everyone how is it all going back home. Another week is all finished up already and man it has been busy. Just with interviews and baptismal interviews and splits and stuff. It was good the busier we are the faster the time goes by. Time moves pretty quick the year is about to come to a close. I can't lie it will be hard to not see or ride a snowmobile this year or even see snow but its alright just one of the things I will have to give up for a year. There is always next year. Hopefully you all can get your government stuff figured out so I can stop hearing about it. People think because I am from there I'll know about it but they don't realize no tv or computers. Well anyways I hope things are all good back home getting the crops all figured out and what not and finishing up for the year. As for me the same old thing each week. Ha I have been in this area for a little over 4 months now and President told me I'll be here at least on more so I'll have been here for 6 months. I don't know why but that's hard nothing new just the same streets and faces everyday. Sometimes I feel like a little change in our lives would help but its all good. Well so about my week. On Monday it was p-day. We went to the chapel and everyone cooked and we ate lunch and then played games. We didn't finish until late so we didn't get to email so we got permission to go Tuesday morning. Tuesday we emailed then went out to work right after that. Even on the effective side of the area nobody was home we didn't teach one appointment. So that made for a long day. Wednesday we had our zone interviews. We started at 12 but President was late. We didn't finish until 6:30 but it was good. I really like President and Sister Revillo. In my interview he said next transfer I'll have to be ready to step up. I think district leader but I don't know what he meant when he said that. Then he said so are you ready to train. I don't remember what I said but he said that I could be training as well but who knows. I thought that last time but I didn't so I guess we will just have to wait and see. After that the zone went and ate together then Thursday just regular day went to work taught a less active family and that was it again. Nobody home we walked around all day trying to teach and nothing. Not sure where everyone was this last week. Friday after weekly planning we had to go to Sig?? the other elders area and do a baptismal interview. Their neighbor had a monkey and we got to hold it and feed it bananas it was so cool. I got some pictures. You will see. The interview took forever so we got back to our area late. Saturday we went on splits. I worked with Elder Uslgen in his area. We taught 3 lessons and then had to come meet our comps at McDonalds. they were late so we waited forever for them to get there. Sunday we had church we went early because Diane had an interview she passed so she will be baptized next week. Then we had a lady that we met a few weeks ago. She came to church for the first time. I feel like she has some potential of baptism. Good day at church. After church we had a dinner with Sister Joy they feed us every Sunday so that was my week. It flew by and was really busy. I hope they keep flying by so things are good here. Hopefully all is well back home with as much stuff changing back there. I'll be the stranger when I come home. Lots of new babies and people getting married it is crazy. Well peace be the journey. Thanks for everything you all do. Love you all have a good week. Love Elder robison

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