Thursday, March 7, 2013

Letter 2/27/13

Family, well I have some extra time today on Sunday. I am mostly packed up so I figured I'll write you a letter. Well I leave tomorrow so that is crazy. It seems like the MTC flew by. Kind of like you just dropped me at the curb yesterday. I just want to thank you for everything you did for me it really means a lot. I am not out here to only bring people unto Christ but also to grow up myself. I have a feeling that I will grow up and become really humble real quick out in the field. Keep me in your prayers so I don't die out there. I hope everything is going really good. I wish I could have talked on the phone longer but I'll be in the Philippines when you get this letter. This last week here has kind of flew by but at the same time it seemed slow. That's kind of how this whole thing feels. I am super nervous too. I know nothing in the language so I am going to be lost. I just hope that I get a good trainer. That makes me nervous too that I could get some kid that just doesn't care. Well I love you all. My next letter should be more interesting. I think my adventure is about to start so I guess it's go time. Thanks for everything. Love you!! Love Elder Robison
write soon!

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