Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Email 3/10/13

So the church just changed the policy on email for all missionaries and we can email for 2 hours on p day and I email from an internet cafe a place with a bunch of computers in it. The other two missionaries are elder Thompson from Arizona and elder Sabawil from here and yes my companion knows pretty good english. I am doing a little better its just very different. I haven't got that kids name that served with Rhett I didn't see him at church he wasn't his companion but he said they were in the same mission together. I did get your package and a dear elder that you sent when I was leaving the mtc so no new letters just the package and no letter from Camry. I only get mail every two weeks so it might be in the mail. Its good you can use dear elder here to just like in the mtc . Nothing to crazy with food yet i ate this stuff called halo halo its an icee thing but not the best really weird it has sweet potatoes in it and no fast food in my area other that Jubillle or whatever. Its like the Philippines McDonalds here. This week we have an investigator here name is sister fina she is like a golden investigator she does everything we ask and her whole family does to so she will probably be baptized here soon. She came to church. Church is different its really loud alot of little kids running around and we always have investigators there so we go to gospel principles class with them and then to elders quorum. There is no place to really buy american groceries. Today for pday we went to the mall the malls here are huge and then got our hair cut in the barber shop for the most part about here its just really hot here and i sweat alot like all day long so but its good we are teaching alot of people we hardly ever tract cause we have lessons all day and by the time its bed time i fall asleep really quick cause i am so tired but then about 5 in the morning all the roosters start making noise so that is hard to sleep through. I still don't know hardly any language so i really need to learn that cause not very many know english and if they do its not enough to really communicate so that stinks but i am sure it will come when it comes. Thanks so much for the package i wish you were on so we could talk but its alright my email time falls at a bad time i uploaded more pictures so i am sure that will help but i am fine just wish i could speak to people I feel very alone even though there are tons of people I feel alone cause I cant talk to them but o well i guess. That is so cool about Richard and will you get me every ones email so that i can email them. Well i hope i answered all your questions i love you all thank you so much for everything i would like alot of letters please so love you keep writing me the pics were great love elder Robison

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