Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kaden's letter from 2nd week in the field

Family well I hope your all doing really good at home. I am sure your all enjoying the snow and the cabin. I am living in a tiny Filipino house full of nasty bugs and its so dirty haha. The only thing that helps me here is my Heavenly Father and the letters and stuff but I haven't got mail in forever so it's hard. That was one good thing in the MTC is that I got mail every day now it's only once every two weeks. I pray that I don't end up on the Island they only get there stuff once every 6 weeks. Usually when you go out there they leave you out there for a really long time so I pray I don't go out there. It's hard enough to be here right now. As for where I am right now I'm in the Bingangonan branch. We have 9 people with baptism dates in the next month so that's good. Hopefully by the time I am transferred our branch can become a ward. Hopefully in at least two years they will become a stake. That is our zones goal right now. It's possible they can become a stake in less than two years. Well Sister Fina was our first new investigator since I have got here. She is what we call a golden investigator. She has done everything we ask and she read so much. She agreed to be baptized on April 7 so that will be good. The other day I saw an old American man so I went up and talked to him and introduced the first lesson to him and he agreed to have us come over the next Friday. It was so nice to talk to him cause it was in English. It was hard to hear him because he has cancer in his throat but still nice to understand someone. That's one of the hardest things about lessons is I can't speak to the people. I want to I just can't so when I do talk it's mostly in English. I don't know what I can do to learn this language. It's so backwards of English. Everyone said I have an easy mission but I don't know what they were talking about. It's not easy at all. The people are great and they listen but that's the only easy part. As of right now I would trade for a state side mission any time. Even if the people are a little harder to teach but I was called to here so this is where I am. I can't help but think how long two years is and that scares me. I would trade spots with the kids that go home in a month in a heart beat. People say I am the luckiest person in the mission because I have the longest time left but I really disagree with them. I can't wait until its my time to come home and start my real life and be at home with people that are familiar. Since I have been here I have realized how blessed I was. There are so many things that I have realized how much I am going to miss things like farming, fishing, camping, my friends and our family. I miss Sundays back home. I don't like Sundays here. It's not a day of rest it's one of our busiest days. Well this is what went on last week. Oh I almost forgot we were teaching this old heavy lady. Probably like 50 years old not skinny at all and she has a kid. In the middle of the lesson she just started breast feeding the kid it was really gross and awkward. But anyways so I'll write again next week so hopefully we can email again please try and be awake. Tell everyone thanks and that I love them. Love ya mom and dad. Love Elder Robison
zone conference

out tracting

Their malls are huge here

Ursula's baptism with Elder Gillette

An old Catholic church here

Ursula's friends and family

Our District

Our zone

With Sister Fina and her daughter she has a baptims date for April 7th

Someone's house

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