Thursday, March 7, 2013

Email 3/4/13

I am serving with Elder Galingana he is a Filipino. He is a cool kid. The weather hasn't been too hot but plenty warm. It will get a lot hotter here in a month. (I asked if his companion is a good missionary) He is a good missionary and we are serving in Ginadonna I don't really know how to explain it but its alright I'm not a huge fan of the Philippine's right now its a little gross. We teach a lot of people everyday and we confirmed 3 new members on Sunday .We have 6 people with baptismal dates. The food isn't the best I eat plenty of rice. Church was good do you know a Micheal Robison or someone these old ladies said he served here back in 91 and they said he was from Idaho and I met a guy that served with Rhett Sutton in Alaska at church. No I haven't received any package and I have sent one letter I guess we just send our letters in the mail it is supposed to take 10 days so ill send my letter tomorrow I put the date at the top. It's hard I don't understand anything I don't feel all that great but i will stay there has to be some reason for being here. The members are alright and yeah I had to bare my testimony and introduce my self in Tagolag and pass the sacrament.I am like 2 hours out of Quezon in a very poor area with rice patties and stuff but the people are very humble here. We only get the mail every two weeks so it will be very delayed. My shower is a bucket and I bought toilet paper. I wash my clothes by hand and yeah my companion is good it would help if I knew the language but I don't so I am just kinda quiet cause i don't know what to say. We are two hours from Quezon it's not that far out but it takes a really long time to get anywhere we ride on jeepneys. There are 4 of us in the apartment and only two of us in our area. It's been a long week. ( I asked him what they eat) just rice and anything that you can put on rice. Well I love you all very much! Have a good week

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