Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kaden's email Sunday night

me: Did you go to the temple in Manila today?
Kaden: yeah I already went to the temple it takes about 2 hours to get there so i had to wake up at 3 this morning
me: So do you have an oven and how long does it take you to wash your clothes?
Kaden: no we have a propane oven thing and it takes about an hour or so to wash my clothes but i have to do that 2 to 3 times a week so that sucks.
Me: Do you sweat a ton and how far do you walk a day?
um yeah i sweat a ton and we walk all day so close to like 10 to 12 miles just depends on who we are teaching and where. We teach alot of people probably 10 progressing investigators and alot of non active and recent converts
Me: Was the temple pretty and is it in English or Tagalog? Is the language getting better?
Kaden:um the temple is nice it is in english so thats good and I feel like I learn nothing new in the launguage and I need it cause no one really knows english out here.
Me: The other companionship you live with is in a different area. Your area is called Bingagonan Morong Rizal. When I looked on your map Morong is North and Bingagonan is South so do you live in the middle and they head one way and you head another? There is a little island that is South of you that a ferry goes to have you ever been down to it?
Kaden: yeah they go one way and we go the other so but i had no i dea about the island and there area is pretty ours is dirty dirty
Me: Are you able to understand any phrases? Are you still in Manila or back in your area? How come you email so late?
Kaden:um i can catch a few words and i am back in my area now we email so late cause we have district meeting in the morning and i am getting a new companion he is emergency transferred i don't know why but i get a new comp tonight i hope its a good one
Me: Why are you getting a new companion?
Kaden:um not sure i dont no who he is and yeah it should be a good one cause i am new so i dont think president would send a bad one to train me
Me: How did you find out and did you like your old companion?
Kaden:they just told my comp and yeah he has been good he likes to work and is positive so i hope i get a good one cause now i have to lead in this area and i dont know the area good yet so hopefully that goes well
Me:How do you lead where your so new? Did you post pictures? So are you feeling better? Is the food better?
Kaden:not sure and yeah i feel good today my stomach is just like a time bomb so i never know but its good and the food just depends on the day reeally but ill see if i can put pics on real quick
Me: How far away is the church from you? Have you had anything crazy to eat? Have you had anything that tastes really good.
Kaden:um our church is under contruction so we have to take a jeep about 20 minutes to church so its kinda far and yeah i sent a letter and nothing to crazy yet i am careful with what i eat and just alot of chicken is what they eat or pork
Me:So you don't get much fish because google earth said your area is a fishing port area. So are you enjoying your mission a little more? Do you like your other two roommates? Do they ever talk to you in English? Are you swapping your shoes every day?
Kaden:um a little fish and i swap them every week and yeah they are good they dont speak alot of english so that kind of frustrates me a little but hopefully i can just learn the language soon
Me:Have you had any major rainstorms.
Kaden:no it hasnt rained yet i want it to but it hasnt
Me: HAve you had mangoes yet or any other fruit that you like? How are your investigators doing?
Kaden:um yeah they are good and the investigators are doing good we have 4 baptisms this sunday one more thing i have to take care of so i will be busy this week
Me:You are in charge of the baptism????? Who is doing the baptisms??? Who are your baptisms and are you excited about it???
Kaden:yeah i am now i guess and i will probably baptise and the peras family and ursula a 11 year old girl so yeah it will be good to see them get baptized
Me: So tell me what was the best thing of the week and the worst thing? Anything funny happen this week
Kaden:well i got attacked by a crazy lady she ran out and said come here so we thought she wanted us to teach here but then she grabbed my arm and was like your so guapo means handsome here and she said it was her birthday and she kept pulling me and said come in my house. i just said we are busy and that we cant but she wouldnt let go of me and kept pulling me so my comp grabbed my back pack and was pulling me the other way it was like tug a war between me and so then she just kept pulling me and trying to take my ring off it was crazy i wrote about it in my letter
Me:That's funny do you get a lot of girls there that think your cute? Are you nervous about getting a new comp? How often do people feed you. Do you drink enough?
Kaden: um yeah about every girl even the old women and yeah i hope he is good and yeah people feed us alot of the time and yeah i try and drink alot and there is a kid from shelly in my mission its mr. howard nephew the principal and the pic thing is slow today sorry ill send them next week hopefuly it will be faster
Kaden:love you thanks ill post them next week for sure and ill try and take alot so tell everyone hi i am doing a little better love you all thanks for everything thanks for staying awake next week it will be a normal pday monday so love you mom bye

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