Friday, March 15, 2013

Kaden's letter from March 4, 2013

OK everyone this is Kaden's letter written on his first p-day so it goes along with his first email. He said he wants to write letters instead of emailing but it takes about 10 days to receive them. So his letters and emails will bounce back and forth a little bit and a lot of it is the same news because he put that in his email. I am going to put this negative letter on the blog because I want to show him how much he changes in two years so in his next email his attitude had already changed a little bit :)

Family, well I can't say that I love this place it really sucks. It's so dirty. People in houses with dirt floors. I don't understand a word of what is said. I walk down the streets and people just stare and yell "hey Joe" all the time. I honestly don't know why I am here. I miss America so much. I miss food that I could eat and not worry about dying. This better get better soon or I might actually die of a disease. The people are good and nice but it's just so gross. Every time I eat I feel like crap. I think I already have a bug in my stomach. I have to go like every hour so it's not good. As you probably know by now that my email time doesn't fit in very good back home. I think it falls in the middle of the night so that just adds to the crappiness of this so sorry about that. I miss you all so much and I only get mail every two weeks so please in your letters make them long and good. Tell me how everyone is doing what you have all been up to and send pictures anything that you can. I don't know if I will ever like it here. No matter what I do nothing ever gets better just worse. I sit in lessons trying to understand and I get nothing. All the guys I live with speak perfect so when we are at home they all just talk to each other and I just sit there. I don't know if I will ever get this down but I will stay. There is a reason why I am here I just don't know it yet. That's why I am struggling with this so much. Enough about me. I just need to stop being a baby. Our investigators all came to church yesterday so that was good. We have 6 with baptismal dates and we confirmed 3 on Sunday. They were baptized the Saturday before I got here. I met a guy at a 7/11 his mission president was a Burtenshaw from Idaho. It's crazy how small the world really is. Our branch president is really rich here. His house is nice for here. If it was an American house I would say almost as nice as Moyo's house. That just shows what the people live in. I eat rice with every meal so that's going to get old especially because I don't like rice but it's whatever. We ride in jeepneys or trikes everywhere. If I come home alive it will be a miracle. They don't drive on the left or the right side of the road. This is very different than what I am used to. The noise never stops and there are people everywhere. I would have to say I would never live here and as of right now I don't think I would even come back and visit but we will see in 2 years. I am very jealous of all the elder's that get to leave in a month or so. I would trade them in a heartbeat right now but I can't. Let me know what letters you get and stuff. People here always try to take advantage of me because I don't know what they are saying so tell me when you get this. I will date it at the top so email me and let me know. I should email around the same time everyday so if you want to stay up and do it that's fine. Tell everyone they can write. I'll try and write them back as soon as I can. I haven't received anything from you yet. There wasn't a package waiting for me. It's okay to send packages my companion won't care. He said I know you work for your money so it don't bug him that things cost a lot. I am in the Binangonan area. It's a province area so very poor but the people are humble. They are always willing to listen to us so that's good. By about 6 I am ready for bed. I start falling asleep. We don't tract in this area at least not yet. My companion is Elder Galingana. He is from the Philippines. I don't know how I will ever be a trainer because I am lost the whole time and somehow he knows where to go. I still don't know how to study or learn the language so I don't know that will just have to be the gift of tongues for now until I figure out how. Mom, dad thanks for everything. You have always been so good to me and always made sure I had plenty. Your great parents. All of your kids have served missions and have gotten married in the temple. That is because your good at what you do. Sorry for thinking I knew everything and having a bad attitude in high school. I'll be better. I hope everything is good at home. I am sure Renlee is huge now. Tell Kandice sorry I haven't wrote her back. I got her letter my last day in the MTC so I was busy. Let me know how everything is and what's up. Let me know about Richards call. he should get it soon. I love you all. Hopefully my next letter will be more positive and really let me know when you get this. I loved to email you today it helped build me up some. Sorry I am a bad writer. I try to make them good but I don't know what to tell you. I love you and I'll write next week. Have fun.

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