Monday, March 25, 2013

Email 3/25/13

yeah my new comp is really good I like him a lot his name is elder gilette from arizona it was my last comp that had the problems so its good that he is out i feel like so every thing seems to be good i am glad to have someone that understands what i am saying. only one baptism went through this week i baptized her ursula apiado the peras family the mom got sick so we moved them to next week cause they want to do them all together as a family so i had my first baptism she will be confirmed next week and then we will have 3 more to baptize so we have a lot of people ready for baptism ill try and put pictures one thing i could use in my package is a memory card reader that can plug into the computer cause if the internet cafe don't have one i cant put pics on and i don't know if this one has one so we will see cause i cant afford to send big packages i live very cheep i have a hard time spending a 100 peso's and that is $2.50 in America so i try not to spend a lot so and yes i have sent a letter every week you just cant trust the post office here so you should get one if not it got lost ill send another one today i am just trying to finish it up so ill send more don't worry um i am starting to get use to the fact that i live here now.

me: has your companion been to your area before or who leads and knows where to go?
Kaden: um we are kinda lost but we have found alot of our stuff that we have had to so its all good i try to help guide us to where we need to go. he has been out almost 18 months.
me: How was church and what is your town like?
Kaden:church was good ursula was baptized the town is kinda small and dirty all that is here is a 7 11 and a jollibee so not much but its good
me:HAve you found any new people to teach? Anything great this week. Is Elder Gilette a good missionary and a good trainer.
Kaden:um we are trying to find new people and yeah he is a good missionary and i like him a lot and he actually tries to help me on the language so i like that and nothing to crazy holy week is coming up this week and i guess it gets really crazy people actually crucify themselves and just go nuts so this week will be crazy i think elder gilette said it is kinda gross what people end up doing so we will see so maybe next week will be better for email. i should be on a lot earlier now other than next week we have a zone activity so it might be late tell camry that we are hiking to some waterfalls so that should be cool

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