Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Letter 3/1/13 ( It takes about 10 days to get his handwritten letters)

Family, well I am here. It's been a busy two days. I am so tired. I can barely stay awake. We had 3 people commit to baptism but I forgot their names. We meet so many people every day. The plane ride here was really long and I didn't sleep at all. When we got to Manila it was 10:30 p.m. then we went to a hotel. We got there at 1 a.m. and slept until 5 then we met everyone at the church. My companion is Filipino his name is Elder Galigana. He is a good Elder. I don't understand anything people say to me so I hope I learn quick what is going on. The people are very humble and very open to new things. Ha it might take me awhile to get used to eating so much rice all the time. Oh and it's true that there is no toilet paper especially here. I am out in the middle of ride paddy's and stuff. We have the biggest zone in the whole mission. I probably get about 10 "hey Joe's" everyday. I am starting to smell like a Filipino so that sucks. I met a guy that served a mission and his president was a Burtenshaw from Idaho so that was cool. We didn't talk long. The Barbulosa family committed to be baptized and so did Desiree but she needs to get married first. She just had a baby. I guess that's a big problem here that no one gets married. The Abiado family was baptized the Saturday before I arrived. We will confirm them on Sunday so that's cool they are a funny family. Ha everyone just kind of stares at me when I walk around. Everyone we teach just talks about how big I am it's funny. It's like they have never seen it. Later on the night of the 28th we had a dinner appointment with the branch President. He is a rich guy and lives in a really nice house. He knows good English so that was nice. He is way cool. Ha his family loves American Idol so they wouldn't turn it off so we watched that for about an hour. It was kind of nice to do that it made me feel a little normal. His house was really nice like I didn't feel sick walking into it like I do the house that I live in. Yes I do shower out of a bucket so I am living everything up that people said. It cost quite a bit to send letters so keep an eye on my account so I can send them. Thanks for everything you do and have done. I can't wait to get your first letters. I love you all, thanks for everything you do Love Elder Robison

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